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Info On Italy

CIA's Website - General facts and figures on Italy.

The Italian State Tourism Board

Flag Database

Fordham Source Books - General Historical Info. This site is divided into different historical sections. It is not specific to Italian history but might be a helpful resource.

Italian History Page - Site with many links to Italian historical resources.

Museums and Art

The Vatican Museum Online

Vatican Site - Antoher site on the Vatican

Ambrosiana - The official site of the Ambrosian Library in Milan.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Artist Index - Site with a large listing of Italian as well as other European artists with pictures of their paintings.

Da Vinci Gallery

Da Vinci Gallery #2 - Another page with many pictures of Da Vinci's work

Madonna's of the World - Page with historical religious iconography and art works

Places in Italy

The Official Site for Siena Italy - This page is in Italian

Siena Community Page - Another page on Siena, Italy

Pages on Long Beach, NY

The Official Long Beach Homepage

Long Beach Webpage

Site on Long Beach - Has many historical photos.

New York State Italian Resources and Local OSIA Sites

Michael Valente Lodge Homepage

New York State Grand Lodge


Virtual Italia


Sons of Italy Sites

OSIA Home Page

Lodge #2698 - Home page of a Florida Lodge

Connecticut Chapter Homepage

Grand Lodge of Florida

Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania

Grand Lodge of New Jersey

Grand Lodge of Ohio

The Google Web Directory - Has other OSIA links to lodge homepages